Social Connections VII

Only 14 days to go before Social Connections VII starts in Stockholm. I am really excited since it will be the first time I attend this event. I spoke to a couple of people who had attended previous events and all I got was positive – no, enthusiastic – feedback. But that’s not the only reason I go, here are some more:

  • Great content from awesome speakers in short sessions
  • High level of knowledge in one place
  • Lively discussions about Social AND Connections
  • Many open and social people

So let’s meet in Stockholm and be social. If you see me around stop me and say hi! Looking forward to meeting you all. Thanks to all people involved organizing this event.

Ways to get in touch:



XPages Twitter Controls go Mobile!

Last week I blogged about my Twitter Controls which I handed in to the 2. XPages Development Contest. It fulfilled the requirements of the contest by being a social app that uses the Twitter API and OAuth for authentication. One component was missing though: MOBILE.

So I sat down and checked the possibilities to make the app run on smartphones. There’s DOJO and the Mobile Controls integrated in the Extension Library 8.5.3. I took my first shot and had a mobile application together which pretty much has the same functionality as the web app in no time.

Then I checked jQuery Mobile which seems to be used by most of the developers out there. I toyed around with it for a while and put together an app based on jQuery Mobile that provides the same functionality as the web app – awesome! I named it hedersoft tweet v1.1 and uploaded it to openNTF.

UPDATE: Niklas created a new video showing the controls in action. Watch it on or download it from the contest page.

Here are a few screenshots.