4th OpenNTF Development Contest – First summary

The contest is over, long live the contest! This is what I think is the outcome of the latest OpenNTF development contest. Many people might have been a bit tired of contests and I heard voices saying: „Uh, the 3rd contest is just over and they already start a 4th?“. Or: „The contest ball is flat, the air has gone!“. Looking back to the start of the 4th contest I must admit that people were not so wrong when they moaned. But the run-time of the contest was chosen a bit longer and the air returned to the ball in the last couple of months, the momentum came back.

Why am I saying this? Just check out the contributions to this contest! There are people out there who really put effort into this contest and came up with amazing applications, controls, widgets and libraries. The contest ended last night and I would not be surprised if Niklas added some more nice videos/contributions to the list today and maybe even tomorrow. The first 3 contests taught us that the best stuff was handed in in the last 72 hours of a contest even when the whole thing ran for months. Continue reading

XPages development for IBM Connections – Win $1000!

Inspired by Niklas‘ blog posts on the topic I started my fist baby steps in developing small apps for IBM Connections. Once you understand the basics it’s quite easy to do. As an xpages developer you can create apps that seamlessly integrate into connections. People do not see or feel that they are working in an external app.

You can use all Connections data in your app by utilizing the Connections REST API. The extension library provides single sign on controls so that once you are logged into Connections you are also logged into Domino. It’s all there, what’s missing are some app ideas and examples. The 4th OpenNTF development contest sponsored by IBM Business Partner hedersoft now opens a door. All of you out there interested in giving xpages in IBM Connections a try now have the chance to get a reward for your efforts.

Win $1000 for your idea! Niklas put a little video together that should help you to get going. If you don’t have an IBM Connections environment IBM jumps in. You can work on a shared image provided in the IBM Smart Cloud. It is running IBM Connections 3.0.1, Domino 8.5.3, SSO already up and running and the latest Extension Library. Just drop a note to Niklas (niklas_heidloff at de dot ibm dot com) and he will give you access to the image.

The submissions are due on December 2nd 2012. This sounds a long time but do not underestimate the time till you got everything in your bag to get you going. So send a new mail to Niklas now!

Happy coding and good luck!

Meet me at #ls12 @OpenNTF’s booth 516

In a couple of days there will be a bright yellow spot again in Orlando and the rest of the world turns grey due to lack of color.  I am so happy that I can be yellow this year!

I want to thank Niklas Heidloff and Bruce Elgort who gave me the chance to join their team this year and represent OpenNTF at Lotusphere.You have to save a spot on your schedule this year to visit the Product Showcase. Mark booth 516 on your map! Come by and learn all about OpenNTF. Anything you ever wanted to know about OpenNTF? Fire your question at us, we’ll be more than glad to help. Have you ever wondered

  • who or what OpenNTF is?
  • who steers OpenNTF?
  • who funds OpenNTF?
  • how you can join in to enrich the community?
  • how to submit your project to OpenNTF?
  • how to get in contact with OpenNTF?
  • which licenses are available to open source your project?

If you do not have any questions but want to meet great people for a quick chat, you are also very welcome.

Personal note: This is to everyone out there who I had not met in person yet: Come to booth 516 and say Hello! I know so many people from all those social networks which I haven’t actually seen in my life yet. If I don’t say Hi on an occasion outside the Product Showcase I’d like you to say Hi at booth 516.

Catch you around!

Did you have a Deja vu yet?

Niklas Heidloff posted an application prototype on OpenNTF yesterday and asked if anyone might need such an application. The response was overwhelming:

Currently 861 hits on PlanetLotus in one day:

Lot’s of responses stating: „Yes please, put this app on OpenNTF, we want it“. But what is this buzz all about, what is „Deja vu“? Niklas put a little video together to explain the idea and the implementation.