XPages – Taking Domino development to a higher level

Lotusphere’s top topics this year are mobile, social and web browser. One keyword is being peeped and posted these days that shows which technologies Lotus provides to support the main topics: XPages!

XPages are a technology integrated in Lotus Notes/Domino since version 8.0 that leverage development and user experience to a new level. Developers are given tools and technologies to develop application for the Lotus Notes Client, the web browser and mobile devices. Other than classic Lotus Notes development XPages base on Java Server Faces (JSF), Java and JavaScript. These technologies are popular to web developers all over the world outside of Lotus Notes/Domino. Domino developers can now use these technologies to build state of the art web and mobile applications AND those applications even run in the Lotus Notes client!

Did I catch your attention? Do you want to learn more about XPages and their capabilities? Then start digging deeper. The links provided below lead to valuable sources.

Wikipedia – What the heck are XPages anyway?

XPages.info – Get started, downloads and tutorials

OpenNTF – Open Source XPages projects which can be used out of the box

XPages.tv – Source for random XPages stuff

XPages reference guide – A javascript language specifiction

XPages Blog – XPages development and more

What does google say?

That should get you going. If you are one of those old fashioned lads who needs to hold a piece of paper in his hands. Here you go. IBM Press just released a book called „Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language„.

Following Lotusphere 2011 from the other side of the fence

You can’t go to Lotusphere 2011 (like me) but you want to keep track with what’s going on? Thank god  a lot of people on site are going to share their LS11 experience with us poor blokes (and ladies) left behind. There’s a lot of live blogging announced and twitter will definitely be the other source of information. Here is a list of people to read and follow to get the latest news from Orlando.


Ed Brill, Stuart McIntyre, Mitch Cohen, Chris Miller, John Head, Julian Robichaux, Darren Duke, Niklas Heidloff, OpenNTF, Chris Toohey, Matt White, Declan Lynch, Paul Mooney, Bilal Jaffery, Luis Suarez, Suzanne Livingston, Mikkel Heisterberg, Mary Beth Raven, Thomas Duff, Luis Benitez, Bruce Elgort, Lotusphere


Lotus Notes Domino Blog, Ed Brill, Stuart McIntyre, Mitch Cohen, Chris Miller, LotusphereLive, LotusphereBlog, Chris Toohey, Paul Mooney, Declan Lynch, Julian Robichaux, Darren Duke, John HeadOpenNTF, Bilal Jaffery, Luis Suarez, Mikkel Heisterberg, Mary Beth Raven, Thomas Duff, Luis Benitez, Bruce Elgort and PlanetLotus

Anyone missing on this list (I am sure there is)? Just give me a hint and I’ll put her/him on.

Find your way at Lotusphere 2011

Unfortunately I will be one of those poor fellas who must stay at home while others are having a great time at Lotusphere 2011. I put a list of useful links together for all you lucky ones attending this year. Here we go:

Homepage: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/events/lotusphere2011/
LS Blog: http://lotusphereblog.com/
LS Session App (Android): http://www.androidpit.de/de/android/market/apps/app/jo.android.ls/Lotusphere-2011-Scheduler
LS Session App (iPhone and Blackberry): http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/lsmobile/id347420535?mt=8
LS Session Database: http://geniisoft.com/showcase.nsf/LS2011_SessionsDB
Showcase Exhibitors: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/events/lotusphere2011/exhibitors.html
LS Labs: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/events/lotusphere2011/labs.html
Swan and Dolphin Hotels: http://www.swandolphin.com/
Swan and Dolphin iPhone App: http://www.swandolphin.com/aboutus/iphone.html
Connect via Sametime: https://www-950.ibm.com/blogs/SametimeBlog/entry/use_sametime_while_at_lotusphere_to_connect_with_ls11_delegates?lang=en_us
LS Social Media Aggregator: http://www-949.ibm.com/social/lotusphere/
Planetlotus (of course): http://planetlotus.org/
Map Overview: Dolphin and Swan area map

My favourite location after sunset (unless there is a party or reception): http://www.jellyrolls.us/

If you know other valuable links not listed here yet please let me know and I will add them.