Help needed: Using java sources in java agents

I am a bit in trouble here since DDE does not work as I expect it to. I hope there is somebody out there who has a solution to my problem. So here it is:

I am writing java code in my domino database using the Java Perspective. I created a source folder under WebContent\WEB-INF and added the folder to my build path. I am using the classes and methods I coded on my XPages and they work. Now I need to code a java agent that is supposed to run every night. A lot of the methods and classes I need for my agent are already in my source folder, so I want to access the code. But there seems to be no way to import the code into my agent, is there?

I can import sources from my file system or jar files. I can import java libraries. I can import resources from my file system, but I can not add my project source folder to the agent. Switching over to the Java Perspective and opening the agent opens a new project in my Package Explorer showing the agent and all its properties. I can now add my database project to my agent project and add the source folder to it. When I build the agent project everything is fine. After I close the agent the agent project is gone and with it my settings. The same errors reappear.

Is there a way to add my sources to my agent except for copying the classes an methods to a java library and use the library in my agent? I don’t want to have source code redundant. I am kind of stuck here and need a hint or at least someone telling me that there’s no way to get what I want.


A new star is born – hedersoft is now online!

I am so proud to announce that hedersoft lauched their homepage today!

Who is hedersoft?

hedersoft is a new company located in Salzkotten, Germany which provides services and sells products based on Lotus Notes / Domino. The company was founded in August 2011 by Lars Buntrock an myself (Henning Schmidt) and focusses on XPages. That is products based on XPages as well as services based on this exciting technology.

Both Lars and I worked for We4IT (sponsor of the XPages Dev Contest) until we resigned in August. We felt it was about time to stand on our own feet and hence decided to found our own business. We are very dedicated to the OpenSource community and will upload lots of stuff to OpenNTF. Lars already did so by handing in his Database Open Dialog to the XPages Dev Contest in August.

So, there is lots to expext in the upcoming months. We have just started and have so many ideas that are only waiting to get processed. One of thoses is getting our homepage translated which definitely couldn’t be done in the last couple of days. So stay tuned and stop by every now and then to see how the business evolves.

Notes 8.5.3 reached code freeze

We are all waiting for Lotus Notes 8.5.3 since there is so much to come. It is supposed to be shipped in September 2011, which means that we could have it within the next 2 weeks. Regarding that there are still 3 phases to run through before web posting it might rather be the second half of September before lines are open for download.

Anyway, there are actually 887 fixes (as of today) in 8.5.3. But not all fixes are fixes. There are a lot of new features as well. Here are a few links to check what’s coming:

So, count the days!

June was „Learn XPages“ month!

How quick can a month end? I remember seeing a tweet saying „June is Learn XPages month so let’s go“ on June 1st. Now that the month is over it’s time for a resumee.

I am a person who likes books to learn stuff. So I got myself a copy of „Mastering XPages“. Since XPages are not yet a main part of my workday I did most of the reading in the evenings and over the weekends. So I got as far as Chapter 11 – Advanced Scripting (Page 391).

The other thing I did was following the XPages Dev Contest and try out some XPages sources from OpenNTF. I am quite happy with what I have done so far. I am no expert yet, but I reckon I am on a good way to become one. 😉

What have you done? now online!

I’ve been blogging for a while now as a few of you may have noticed. I am a Lotus enthusiast and want to share my views with the yellow world.

I run my blog in english since the yellowverse does not stop at country borders and I am interested in global developments and changes. Since english is the de facto global language this is the best way to get connected to people I might not get in contact with otherwise.

On the other hand, there is a huge Lotus community in Germany. Most of the community members do understand english, but some don’t. Furthermore I learned when I spent a year in Down Under in ’97 that there is a big difference between understanding a language and speaking a language. There is a passive vocabulary and an active vocabulary. Because of this a lot of people probably read english blogs but don’t leave any comments although they might have something to say.

Lars Buntrock and I decided to establish a german sister of my blog which we called Lotus News. This blog covers global and local topics of the yellow brand and blog posts will be all german. We started with my XPages application server discussion article from last week and would like to get the opinions of the german community.

From today on Lars and I will be online with!

To all germans: Wir wollen mit diesem Blog keinen einseitigen Nachrichtendienst errichten. Wir möchten als Kommunikationsplattform etablieren. Von daher die Aufforderung an alle: Geben Sie uns Feedback entweder durch Kommentare und Diskussionen auf die Beiträge oder durch Anregungen und Kritik direkt an uns!

Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2 FP2

The Lotus Notes/Domino Fixpack 2 for 8.5.2 reached Gold Status and is about to be released in the next couple of days. Among many fixes there are some new functions coming with this releases. These are:

  • SPR# VASR876SSW – Syntax validation was added to Recent Contacts. The following are considered invalid: (1) Any address ending in period, backslash, forwardslash, @, left angle bracket or single quote . (2) Any smtp address where address is surrounded by single quotes. (3) No spaces are allowed in 821 smtp address (the real address part) . (4) No sntp address can have a period after a top level ICCAN domain. Top level ICANN domains are .com, org, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net. (5) On Notes addressing, we are not allowing a period in the organizational part. ie no tom/
  • SPR# ATAI7WSABL – When a Delivery Failure report is processed, the failed address will be automatically deleted from Recent Contacts and put into Contacts Trash.
  • SPR# DCHR89GT3Q – Added a policy option to enable administrators to enable or restrict the ability for Notes client users to choose „Save as eml“ under „File..Save“ options from within an email.
  • SPR# GHAT8ATNCH – For 8.5.2 FP2, on conversion from local replica to Managed Mail Replica, we will now configure the existing entry with all default Managed Mail Replica settings (scheduled replication enabled, high priority enabled, send/receive full documents from the server). The Managed Mail Replica settings will be locked on the replication page, but will be editable in the „Replication Settings“ dialog. We will also prevent the disabling or deletion of the Managed Mail entry from the replication page.

The complete preliminary fixlist is already online. To check the release date go to Upcoming Releases.

Lotus Script: Dead or Alive?

Lotusphere 2011 is over and apart from „Get Social. Do Business“ Xpages was the main topic. IBM’s strategy is mobile and web with xpages as the underlying technology as far as Lotus Domino is concerned. You have all seen the demo (Hey, what time is it again? It’s demo time!) in the OGS showing Notes Next, right? The web browser took a huge part of the whole and Ron presented xpages mobile controls on his android device. So talking web and mobile which piece of the cake will Lotus Script get?

XPages is JavaScript, Java, CSS, XML and a portion HTML. Hey, my name is Lotus Script, may I join the game? Nope, go play bingo with the old dudes.

It‘ won’t be a quick death  since there are so many excellent applications out there relying on Script, but it will die sooner or later. There will be no efforts by IBM to keep Lotus Script up to date, no new functions, no new classes. It will simply stay as is. Use it or not, but I reckon Lotus Script developers will have to get used to Java and JavaScript as soon as possible to keep their position and be able to develop state of the art applications in the next couple of years.

What do you think? Any other opinions?

Here I am!

Today my Blog got listed on PlanetLotus. I just want to say thank you Yancy!

So who am I? I am a Lotus Geek living and working in Germany. I work for an IBM Premier Business Partner called We4IT which you may or may not have heard of. We actually attended LS11 and some of you might have got in touch.

Anyway, I’ve been dedicated to the Lotus Brand for almost 15 years as a developer and consultant. You will be finding all kind of information on my blog as long as it is yellow.

Hope you’ll like my postings and stay tuned. See you around.