A new star is born – hedersoft is now online!

I am so proud to announce that hedersoft lauched their homepage today!

Who is hedersoft?

hedersoft is a new company located in Salzkotten, Germany which provides services and sells products based on Lotus Notes / Domino. The company was founded in August 2011 by Lars Buntrock an myself (Henning Schmidt) and focusses on XPages. That is products based on XPages as well as services based on this exciting technology.

Both Lars and I worked for We4IT (sponsor of the XPages Dev Contest) until we resigned in August. We felt it was about time to stand on our own feet and hence decided to found our own business. We are very dedicated to the OpenSource community and will upload lots of stuff to OpenNTF. Lars already did so by handing in his Database Open Dialog to the XPages Dev Contest in August.

So, there is lots to expext in the upcoming months. We have just started and have so many ideas that are only waiting to get processed. One of thoses is getting our homepage translated which definitely couldn’t be done in the last couple of days. So stay tuned and stop by every now and then to see how the business evolves.

Notes 8.5.3 reached code freeze

We are all waiting for Lotus Notes 8.5.3 since there is so much to come. It is supposed to be shipped in September 2011, which means that we could have it within the next 2 weeks. Regarding that there are still 3 phases to run through before web posting it might rather be the second half of September before lines are open for download.

Anyway, there are actually 887 fixes (as of today) in 8.5.3. But not all fixes are fixes. There are a lot of new features as well. Here are a few links to check what’s coming:

So, count the days!

Lotus Notes Client – R.I.P.

There is currently a big discussion in the community about the future name of Lotus Notes. Will it keep its name or do we end up with something like IBM Notes? Nobody knows yet, even IBM don’t es Ed Brill states in his recent blog post. You can find my opinion in Eds comments (No. 40).

Anyway, despite of the name of the product were is Lotus Notes heading? Look at the new features that have made their way into the client. Those are at a high percentage level XPages features. Now, XPages don’t necessary need the client, do they? There is something like XPiNC that allow XPages applications to run in the Notes Client. I personally do not see the advantage to let XPages apps run in the Notes Client instead of a web browser.

The XPages train has just left the station and started to roll. Business Partners and the Lotus Community start to develop new applications on xpages. GBS is convinced that there is a huge market for their transformer application which „transforms“ standard Lotus Notes applications to XPages apps. Big customers (at least in Germany) have opened up projects to get their Lotus Notes applications moved to XPages. Business Partners will get their apps redesigned as well to not fall behind. People are beginning to use the cloud. This train can not be stopped anymore.

This leads to the question: What’s with the Lotus Notes Client? Do we still need it?

Yes we do, at least for a few more years to come. It’ll take some time to get all applications XPages- or web-enabled. We are not talking months, we are talking years. But to me it is quite clear that the Client will reach it’s end soon.

Rest in peace TBD  Notes!

Jesus, DDE is NOT fun!

I am going to eat my furniture in a moment! I have a Lenovo R500, 3 GB memory and my HDD still has 40 GB of free space. I am running Vista64 and Lotus Notes 8.5.2. Working with Domino Designer for Eclipse is a nightmare on my system. It takes 2 minutes to start, it takes another 2 minutes to start Java Tooling etc.

Once started the DDE hangs every now and then, e.g. when saving design elements or when trying to open a design element. I can’t say why that is. Someone told me he reckons that DDE interferes with a Domino Server running on the same machine, but I have no Server installed whatsoever.

I set up a VM with WinXp32 as OS and installed Lotus Notes 8.5.2 on it. I granted my VM 1 GB of memory. Guess what: DDE runs heaps better than on my local machine. Startup time is much faster, no hangs or crashes. Can anybody tell me why that is? Is anyone experiencing similar problems? Is Vista64 the reason?

Arrrgghhh! Give me back my Lotus Notes Designer performance!

Lotus Script: Dead or Alive?

Lotusphere 2011 is over and apart from „Get Social. Do Business“ Xpages was the main topic. IBM’s strategy is mobile and web with xpages as the underlying technology as far as Lotus Domino is concerned. You have all seen the demo (Hey, what time is it again? It’s demo time!) in the OGS showing Notes Next, right? The web browser took a huge part of the whole and Ron presented xpages mobile controls on his android device. So talking web and mobile which piece of the cake will Lotus Script get?

XPages is JavaScript, Java, CSS, XML and a portion HTML. Hey, my name is Lotus Script, may I join the game? Nope, go play bingo with the old dudes.

It‘ won’t be a quick death  since there are so many excellent applications out there relying on Script, but it will die sooner or later. There will be no efforts by IBM to keep Lotus Script up to date, no new functions, no new classes. It will simply stay as is. Use it or not, but I reckon Lotus Script developers will have to get used to Java and JavaScript as soon as possible to keep their position and be able to develop state of the art applications in the next couple of years.

What do you think? Any other opinions?

Get your apps ready for mobile devices with XPages

I provided a couple of links yesterday to XPages resources to get started with this excellent technology. Today I want to introduce a set of controls which allow to create mobile applications with XPages within hours (or even minutes): XPages Mobile Controls! Big thanks to OpenNTF, in this special case to Niklas Heidloff and Steve Castledine. Great work guys!

OK, what are XPages Mobile Controls. Niklas uploaded a presentation to Slideshare that shows the capabilities of these controls. Check it out first to get the idea:

You will find a couple of videos on the OpenNTF page for mobile controls. Here is one that provides a good overview of the capabilities of mobile controls.


So this is an awesome add-on to XPages that every developer should be aware of. I downloaded the controls and will check them out next. You will find my first steps and the results on my blog in the next couple of days. So stay tuned!

XPages – Taking Domino development to a higher level

Lotusphere’s top topics this year are mobile, social and web browser. One keyword is being peeped and posted these days that shows which technologies Lotus provides to support the main topics: XPages!

XPages are a technology integrated in Lotus Notes/Domino since version 8.0 that leverage development and user experience to a new level. Developers are given tools and technologies to develop application for the Lotus Notes Client, the web browser and mobile devices. Other than classic Lotus Notes development XPages base on Java Server Faces (JSF), Java and JavaScript. These technologies are popular to web developers all over the world outside of Lotus Notes/Domino. Domino developers can now use these technologies to build state of the art web and mobile applications AND those applications even run in the Lotus Notes client!

Did I catch your attention? Do you want to learn more about XPages and their capabilities? Then start digging deeper. The links provided below lead to valuable sources.

Wikipedia – What the heck are XPages anyway?

XPages.info – Get started, downloads and tutorials

OpenNTF – Open Source XPages projects which can be used out of the box

XPages.tv – Source for random XPages stuff

XPages reference guide – A javascript language specifiction

XPages Blog – XPages development and more

What does google say?

That should get you going. If you are one of those old fashioned lads who needs to hold a piece of paper in his hands. Here you go. IBM Press just released a book called „Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language„.