lotusnews.de now online!

I’ve been blogging for a while now as a few of you may have noticed. I am a Lotus enthusiast and want to share my views with the yellow world.

I run my blog in english since the yellowverse does not stop at country borders and I am interested in global developments and changes. Since english is the de facto global language this is the best way to get connected to people I might not get in contact with otherwise.

On the other hand, there is a huge Lotus community in Germany. Most of the community members do understand english, but some don’t. Furthermore I learned when I spent a year in Down Under in ’97 that there is a big difference between understanding a language and speaking a language. There is a passive vocabulary and an active vocabulary. Because of this a lot of people probably read english blogs but don’t leave any comments although they might have something to say.

Lars Buntrock and I decided to establish a german sister of my blog which we called Lotus News. This blog covers global and local topics of the yellow brand and blog posts will be all german. We started with my XPages application server discussion article from last week and would like to get the opinions of the german community.

From today on Lars and I will be online with lotusnews.de!

To all germans: Wir wollen mit diesem Blog keinen einseitigen Nachrichtendienst errichten. Wir möchten lotusnews.de als Kommunikationsplattform etablieren. Von daher die Aufforderung an alle: Geben Sie uns Feedback entweder durch Kommentare und Diskussionen auf die Beiträge oder durch Anregungen und Kritik direkt an uns!