The Social Business Toolkit (SBT)


This is the first post of a series that introduces the Social Business Toolkit (SBT) and provides examples of how to use it and how to ship around pitfalls. There are many valuable resource out there dealing with the SBT. This series is based on my experiences with the Toolkit.

So, what is the SBT? Short answer: A service wrapper that provides an easy to use API to call Web2.0 services. The main focus is on IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business (SC4SB), but it also provides functionality to access other non-IBM services like twitter, facebook or dropbox. Continue reading

Help needed: Using java sources in java agents

I am a bit in trouble here since DDE does not work as I expect it to. I hope there is somebody out there who has a solution to my problem. So here it is:

I am writing java code in my domino database using the Java Perspective. I created a source folder under WebContent\WEB-INF and added the folder to my build path. I am using the classes and methods I coded on my XPages and they work. Now I need to code a java agent that is supposed to run every night. A lot of the methods and classes I need for my agent are already in my source folder, so I want to access the code. But there seems to be no way to import the code into my agent, is there?

I can import sources from my file system or jar files. I can import java libraries. I can import resources from my file system, but I can not add my project source folder to the agent. Switching over to the Java Perspective and opening the agent opens a new project in my Package Explorer showing the agent and all its properties. I can now add my database project to my agent project and add the source folder to it. When I build the agent project everything is fine. After I close the agent the agent project is gone and with it my settings. The same errors reappear.

Is there a way to add my sources to my agent except for copying the classes an methods to a java library and use the library in my agent? I don’t want to have source code redundant. I am kind of stuck here and need a hint or at least someone telling me that there’s no way to get what I want.


Coding xpages – best practice!?

Domino developers coming from classic domino development are used to coding LotusScript, @Functions and maybe a little Java. Structuring code can be achieved by using Libraries to store the code. Code maintenance is another advantage of Libraries.

Now xpages entered the scene and with them come new ways of coding and with JavaScript a „replacement“ for LotusScript. The Java Perspective offers sophisticated java coding features. Java Business Logic can be used by SS JavaScript. JavaScript can either be coded in the xpages or in JavaScript Libraries.

So with all these new capabilities at hand what is the best way to code Business Logic in xpages? Favor JavaScript over Java or vice versa? Code Java in the Java Perspective or rather in Java Libraries? Since I’ve been developing classic domino apps for ages and just started with xpages, I am really interested in „best practice“. From what I’ve learned so far I’d say favor SS JS over Java where appropriate. What do you think or how do you code?