Google Panda – Bye bye Content Farm

Google recently updated the search algorithm and calls that update Panda. Panda’s goal is to list quality content higher than search engine optimized content that Content Farms provide. The idea of Content Farms: Obey to all search engine rules and create content that lists high no matter what content that is. Put ads on those sites and earn a lot of money. The content is usually texts put together in India for 2 bucks a piece. It has no value for the reader and is only designed to fulfil googles search engine needs.

Now with Panda those sites will be listed way down the road. Bloggers and other people and companies who provide quality content are the winners of this change. Panda already runs on Google engines with english content. Germany will follow in no time.

The business model of Content Farms was only possible because Google created the engine as it was. So Google allowed companies to work as they did. Now with Panda most of these Content Farms will probably close business again. So what do we learn: Do not build a business which is highly depended on something you can’t influence yourself!

Google launches WebBrowser called „Chrome“

Google Chrome as announced yesterday is a new Google project. A WebBrowser that follows a new approach. Instead of using one process for the entire browser Chrome uses a process for each and every browser tab. So in case a tab hangs because a script fails to execute properly only that tab hangs and every other tab is still working fine. Closing the tab means killing a process with all the memory allocated for the process.

Apart from that new approach Google claims to develop a faster browser in terms of startup times, page loading and so on.

A beta should be available today. A comic that shows the Chrome technology is available here.