Am I wasting my time? IBM research study about email organization

Steve Whittaker, Tara Matthews, Julian Cerruti, Hernan Badenes and John Tang  from IBM Research in Almaden recently published a study about email organization called „Am I wasting my time organizing email? A study of email refinding„.

Is it better to create a complex folder structure and move incoming mails there or is it preferable to just let the inbox fill up? Do threads and tags help organizing emails? 345 long term users took part in the study with approx. 85,000 refinding actions. The result: Forget about folders! Read the full article to get the details.

XPages Application Server – awesome idea!

Ed Brill recently announced that IBM will ship an XPages Application Server in Q3/2011. He made this announcement in Bonn/Germany at the latest DNUG. It’s such a fantastic announcement and it made me think there will be a huge discussion starting soon after DNUG about what this server must contain or provide, what it shouldn’t and what the licencing model will be. To my surprise this discussion has not started yet (or I have missed it entirely). Anyway, here are my thoughts and wishes:

  • An XPages Application Server must be an offering to win new customers which do not run a Domino environment yet
  • It has to be a low price solution that can be sold as a topic to existing XPages apps
  • Server administration and maintenance should be very easy
  • Server licence should include unlimited user licence
  • No mail and calendaring capabilities but SMTP Mail Routing to send Emails to existing mail environment
  • Only web browser clients allowed (forget XPiNC!)

I am really curious what you expect from such a server. Does anyone agree or disagree with my list? Feel free to add your thoughts.

IBM announces E-Mail Hosting service

Bob Picciano (General Manager Lotus Software) announced on Interop. fare last week that IBM is going to start an E-Mail and Calendaring service based on Lotus Domino. It is available for companies from 1,000 to 10,000 employees and can be licenced at a price from 8 to 18 dollars per person.

This is most likely the answer to Microsoft’s Exchange Online which is available for companies with more than 5,000 employees.


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