4th OpenNTF Development Contest – First summary

The contest is over, long live the contest! This is what I think is the outcome of the latest OpenNTF development contest. Many people might have been a bit tired of contests and I heard voices saying: „Uh, the 3rd contest is just over and they already start a 4th?“. Or: „The contest ball is flat, the air has gone!“. Looking back to the start of the 4th contest I must admit that people were not so wrong when they moaned. But the run-time of the contest was chosen a bit longer and the air returned to the ball in the last couple of months, the momentum came back.

Why am I saying this? Just check out the contributions to this contest! There are people out there who really put effort into this contest and came up with amazing applications, controls, widgets and libraries. The contest ended last night and I would not be surprised if Niklas added some more nice videos/contributions to the list today and maybe even tomorrow. The first 3 contests taught us that the best stuff was handed in in the last 72 hours of a contest even when the whole thing ran for months. Continue reading

June was „Learn XPages“ month!

How quick can a month end? I remember seeing a tweet saying „June is Learn XPages month so let’s go“ on June 1st. Now that the month is over it’s time for a resumee.

I am a person who likes books to learn stuff. So I got myself a copy of „Mastering XPages“. Since XPages are not yet a main part of my workday I did most of the reading in the evenings and over the weekends. So I got as far as Chapter 11 – Advanced Scripting (Page 391).

The other thing I did was following the XPages Dev Contest and try out some XPages sources from OpenNTF. I am quite happy with what I have done so far. I am no expert yet, but I reckon I am on a good way to become one. 😉

What have you done?

XPages Dev Contest – a big success so far!


Everybody already heard about the Xpages development contest on openNTF.org, right? Now here is a little summary of the weeks behind and a look forward to what can still be expected.

I am not quite sure what the hosts of the contest expected when they first announced the contest, but I guess the number of controls handed in so far already exceeds their expectations. OK, the number of participants compared to the number of controls is rather low, but we are only half way through the contest and the status quo should encourage more developers to participate. Here are some numbers:

No. of controls handed in so far: 18 (It’s 25 already, see Niklas‘ comment)
No. of developers: 8

See the full list of controls on xpages.info. So this is to all developers out there: The chance to win one of three iPads has never been higher! Sit back, generate some ideas and start coding custom controls. You don’t know how yet? There are a lot of sources on the web about xpages and custom controls. There’s also the brilliant „Mastering XPages“ book.

My prediction is that the contest will end with more than 40 controls submitted and about 20 contributors. Three iPads between 20 people. Wait a minute, I have to sit back for a moment. Ideas, ideas, …

Mastering XPages – The Bible

Have you already got your copy of „Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language“ yet? I’ve read the fist chapters and the only thing I can say: STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

So if you do not know where to get this book, here are some links:

Amazon US
Amazon UKAmazon Germany
Amazon Autralia (My second home. Love you Aussies!)
IBM Press

You do not live in any of the countries mentioned? There will be an Amazon or other bookstore near you selling this book. So do not hesitate and get your copy. It’s definitely worth it!

Get your apps ready for mobile devices with XPages

I provided a couple of links yesterday to XPages resources to get started with this excellent technology. Today I want to introduce a set of controls which allow to create mobile applications with XPages within hours (or even minutes): XPages Mobile Controls! Big thanks to OpenNTF, in this special case to Niklas Heidloff and Steve Castledine. Great work guys!

OK, what are XPages Mobile Controls. Niklas uploaded a presentation to Slideshare that shows the capabilities of these controls. Check it out first to get the idea:

You will find a couple of videos on the OpenNTF page for mobile controls. Here is one that provides a good overview of the capabilities of mobile controls.


So this is an awesome add-on to XPages that every developer should be aware of. I downloaded the controls and will check them out next. You will find my first steps and the results on my blog in the next couple of days. So stay tuned!

XPages – Taking Domino development to a higher level

Lotusphere’s top topics this year are mobile, social and web browser. One keyword is being peeped and posted these days that shows which technologies Lotus provides to support the main topics: XPages!

XPages are a technology integrated in Lotus Notes/Domino since version 8.0 that leverage development and user experience to a new level. Developers are given tools and technologies to develop application for the Lotus Notes Client, the web browser and mobile devices. Other than classic Lotus Notes development XPages base on Java Server Faces (JSF), Java and JavaScript. These technologies are popular to web developers all over the world outside of Lotus Notes/Domino. Domino developers can now use these technologies to build state of the art web and mobile applications AND those applications even run in the Lotus Notes client!

Did I catch your attention? Do you want to learn more about XPages and their capabilities? Then start digging deeper. The links provided below lead to valuable sources.

Wikipedia – What the heck are XPages anyway?

XPages.info – Get started, downloads and tutorials

OpenNTF – Open Source XPages projects which can be used out of the box

XPages.tv – Source for random XPages stuff

XPages reference guide – A javascript language specifiction

XPages Blog – XPages development and more

What does google say?

That should get you going. If you are one of those old fashioned lads who needs to hold a piece of paper in his hands. Here you go. IBM Press just released a book called „Mastering XPages: A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language„.