Help needed: Using java sources in java agents

I am a bit in trouble here since DDE does not work as I expect it to. I hope there is somebody out there who has a solution to my problem. So here it is:

I am writing java code in my domino database using the Java Perspective. I created a source folder under WebContent\WEB-INF and added the folder to my build path. I am using the classes and methods I coded on my XPages and they work. Now I need to code a java agent that is supposed to run every night. A lot of the methods and classes I need for my agent are already in my source folder, so I want to access the code. But there seems to be no way to import the code into my agent, is there?

I can import sources from my file system or jar files. I can import java libraries. I can import resources from my file system, but I can not add my project source folder to the agent. Switching over to the Java Perspective and opening the agent opens a new project in my Package Explorer showing the agent and all its properties. I can now add my database project to my agent project and add the source folder to it. When I build the agent project everything is fine. After I close the agent the agent project is gone and with it my settings. The same errors reappear.

Is there a way to add my sources to my agent except for copying the classes an methods to a java library and use the library in my agent? I don’t want to have source code redundant. I am kind of stuck here and need a hint or at least someone telling me that there’s no way to get what I want.


Jesus, DDE is NOT fun!

I am going to eat my furniture in a moment! I have a Lenovo R500, 3 GB memory and my HDD still has 40 GB of free space. I am running Vista64 and Lotus Notes 8.5.2. Working with Domino Designer for Eclipse is a nightmare on my system. It takes 2 minutes to start, it takes another 2 minutes to start Java Tooling etc.

Once started the DDE hangs every now and then, e.g. when saving design elements or when trying to open a design element. I can’t say why that is. Someone told me he reckons that DDE interferes with a Domino Server running on the same machine, but I have no Server installed whatsoever.

I set up a VM with WinXp32 as OS and installed Lotus Notes 8.5.2 on it. I granted my VM 1 GB of memory. Guess what: DDE runs heaps better than on my local machine. Startup time is much faster, no hangs or crashes. Can anybody tell me why that is? Is anyone experiencing similar problems? Is Vista64 the reason?

Arrrgghhh! Give me back my Lotus Notes Designer performance!