Don’t reinvent the wheel! AD206

Are you somebody who uses open sourced code in your applications in order to reduce development times and costs? Or are you using code that you or somebody else in your company has implemented before to achieve your goals more quickly and cost efficient? Either way, you are on the right track!

One thing is to re-use code. The other thing is to use services that applications provide. An example is SAP that offers BAPI modules which can be called to create any kind of SAP objects like Purchase Orders (PO). So you could write a workflow application that allows to enter PO related data, send it through an approval process and send it to SAP to finalize the purchase process.

IBM offers a range of applications and tools that offer services as well. IBM Connections e.g offers a wide range of REST APIs that can be called to retrieve, create or delete data. Smart Cloud modules are capable of communicating through REST services as well.

Niklas Heidloff and myself will show you on Wednesday, 29th January from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Dolphin S. Hem III how you can write new applications based on your customer’s requirements leveraging the services provided by IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. You will learn how to authenticate to the services and how to consume them. We’ll show 2 completely different scenarios that use almost the entire palette of services available. We’ll walk you through the applications and show you how it all works under the hood. Niklas already published a teaser that I strongly recommend to watch!

Please come and join us! We are really looking forward to a packed room and lot’s of awesome content. If you can’t make it to our session for whatever reason (parallel session is no excuse 🙂 ), Niklas and I will be around from Saturday to Thursday. So please say hi and ask whatever bothers you. We are happy to discuss this topic off session as well. If you see us and are not interested in the stuff I’ve described say hi anyway. We are nice guys happy to meet new and well know people.

Happy Connect 2014!