hs.Workspace – Browser based Application Management

IBM Notes Users are used to their Client with all databases neatly ordered on different workspaces. Companies that are using Client Management Software provide their user’s with the databases they need to fulfill their daily tasks. These CM Systems allow administrators to add, move or delete databases from the workspaces.

Now we all agree that the Notes Client is in the autumn years of its life. More and more companies move their applications away from the Notes Client. Many companies rely on the Domino Server as their web server and use XPages as technology to web-enable existing applications. Using the Web Browser as Client means loosing the Application Management feature previously available in the Notes Client. hs.Workspace closes this gap!


Just to make this clear: Not only companies currently having a Client Management Software in place may use hs.Workspace. It’s a product every company can use to manage their Links. What are Links then? Links are any type of Links a protocol handler can handle. This means that not only http Links can be managed but among others also Links to Domino databases, documents or views that open in the Notes Client (notes://), Links to files or folder in the file system (file://), Links to remote file systems using FTP (ftp://) and so on. Even if you provide protocol handlers to SAP transactions these Links can be managed with hs.Workspace.

And how are these Links being managed? Administrators create the Links by either manually adding the links or by scanning Domino Servers and automatically create Links to Domino databases. These Links can then be assigned to singe Users, User Groups or all Users by using Policies. Adding, moving or deleting Links is as easy as clapping your hands. Application roll-out is a simply mouse-click.

To do that different Workspaces can be created. Each and every Workspace can either be assigned to all Users or to a subset of Users using Policies. The Links show up as Apps that people are used to. The Notes Client has a similar look and feel and Tablets or Smartphones use a surface feel like this as well. Links can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping them within a Workspace or from one Workspace to another.

You can allow Users or User Groups to create self managed Workspaces. So each and every User can use hs.Workspace to organize her/his own Links. Location Management, News and Feeds are more features hs.Workspace provides. Please check out the Flyer on our Homepage. I will start a video series soon showing the different features of the application so please stay tuned. Feedback welcome!