Bruce Allmighty

Bruce, thanks for not beating me up at LS 12! 🙂

That’s the short story, here’s the longer version:

I’ve heard a lot about Bruce Elgort before I put foot on the Boardwalk and met him personally. As everybody is aware of knowing some professional things about a person does not mean knowing that person at all. So with the first words we exchanged I pulled a giant boner. Well, somebody kicked me and explained the situation and I was so ashamed I almost jumped into the lake nearby. Bruce told me I can make up for it by buying him some ice cream. At least a light at the end of the tunnel!

Bruce, I still owe you this ice cream and I promise the next time we meet we walk straight to the next ice cream bar and you get what you deserve. You get one for LS 12 and one for everything you have done for the community in the last years. Thank’s for all you have done!

I wish you all the best for your future and say Hi to Gayle please!

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