4th OpenNTF Development Contest – First summary

The contest is over, long live the contest! This is what I think is the outcome of the latest OpenNTF development contest. Many people might have been a bit tired of contests and I heard voices saying: „Uh, the 3rd contest is just over and they already start a 4th?“. Or: „The contest ball is flat, the air has gone!“. Looking back to the start of the 4th contest I must admit that people were not so wrong when they moaned. But the run-time of the contest was chosen a bit longer and the air returned to the ball in the last couple of months, the momentum came back.

Why am I saying this? Just check out the contributions to this contest! There are people out there who really put effort into this contest and came up with amazing applications, controls, widgets and libraries. The contest ended last night and I would not be surprised if Niklas added some more nice videos/contributions to the list today and maybe even tomorrow. The first 3 contests taught us that the best stuff was handed in in the last 72 hours of a contest even when the whole thing ran for months.

Now there was a new category „IBM Connections“ which is one of the reasons the contest was set up for such a long period. The expectation was that people at least start to see the integration capabilities between Connections and Domino. From what I have seen so far the contributions to this category are far better than all expectations. Kudos to all participants!

The open category was „open“ as the name suggests and such is the variety of applications and controls. It ranges from fun stuff (XPages chess game) to full featured applications. Judging will not be easy and I wish all judges a lucky hand.

Personally I am really proud to be the sponsor of the 4th contest. It was a pleasure for hedersoft to be part of the contest and we wish all contributors good luck and all judges a great time judging!