Just one more month, hurry up!

The OpenNTF development contest will end on December 2nd, so there is not much time left to have an idea, implement it and submit it as a potential winner. So you better get going if you want to win your share of $5,000!

There are two categories:

  • Open category in which you can dump whatever comes to your mind
  • IBM Connections category in which you can submit your XPages integration into Connections

If you want to be a starter in the first category just implement a custom control, a library control, a mobile control, a full application, a … just submit what you like. If you want to win though it better be good 😉

If you are interested in the second category but don’t know how and where to start, well, here are some entry points:

Still not convinced? Well than drop me a note or contact Niklas and tell us what’s missing to get you going. There are already 9 submissions in the first category and I know that there are some guys working on a solution for the second category. So jump on the train and be a part of this contest!