XPages Twitter Controls go Mobile!

Last week I blogged about my Twitter Controls which I handed in to the 2. XPages Development Contest. It fulfilled the requirements of the contest by being a social app that uses the Twitter API and OAuth for authentication. One component was missing though: MOBILE.

So I sat down and checked the possibilities to make the app run on smartphones. There’s DOJO and the Mobile Controls integrated in the Extension Library 8.5.3. I took my first shot and had a mobile application together which pretty much has the same functionality as the web app in no time.

Then I checked jQuery Mobile which seems to be used by most of the developers out there. I toyed around with it for a while and put together an app based on jQuery Mobile that provides the same functionality as the web app – awesome! I named it hedersoft tweet v1.1 and uploaded it to openNTF.

UPDATE: Niklas created a new video showing the controls in action. Watch it on XPages.info or download it from the contest page.

Here are a few screenshots.