XPages Twitter Controls on OpenNTF – Let the contest begin

I’ve been busy recently founding my own company hedersoft. There was no time left to blog or tweet a lot since administrative tasks ate it all up. Now things are getting back to normal and I’ll do my best to save some time to share my thoughts.

Anyway, hedersoft as an IBM Business Partner focusses on XPages. We will make basic applications and modules available as OpenSource and publish them on OpenNTF. Lars Buntrock started with his „Database Open Dialog“ and I uploaded „hedersoft tweet“ just yesterday. This application consists of 5 custom controls, each of which can be used seperately or together as a basic twitter application. These controls are:

  • OAuth authentication control
  • „All Friends“ stream
  • „Mentions“ stream (@Replies)
  • „Direct Messages“ stream
  • Status Update control

Wired together it looks like this:

We nominated the twitter controls for the 2. XPages Development Contest. Feel free to download the controls and play around. They are OpenSource released under Apache Licence v2.0. If you have any feature requests or defect reports then please post them on the project page on OpenNTF.