XPages Twitter Controls go Mobile!

Last week I blogged about my Twitter Controls which I handed in to the 2. XPages Development Contest. It fulfilled the requirements of the contest by being a social app that uses the Twitter API and OAuth for authentication. One component was missing though: MOBILE.

So I sat down and checked the possibilities to make the app run on smartphones. There’s DOJO and the Mobile Controls integrated in the Extension Library 8.5.3. I took my first shot and had a mobile application together which pretty much has the same functionality as the web app in no time.

Then I checked jQuery Mobile which seems to be used by most of the developers out there. I toyed around with it for a while and put together an app based on jQuery Mobile that provides the same functionality as the web app – awesome! I named it hedersoft tweet v1.1 and uploaded it to openNTF.

UPDATE: Niklas created a new video showing the controls in action. Watch it on XPages.info or download it from the contest page.

Here are a few screenshots.

XPages Tip: How to apply different styles for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, …)

I got stuck yesterday when I tried to shape my application to look different on different mobile devices. I wanted to have an iPhone look when the app gets opened with an iPhone and an Android look when it gets accessed with an Android phone. I knew that there were capabilities to achieve this but I could not find these. Now, as usual, the trick is easy.

There are properties that can be set in the xsp.properies file. First of all you have to find and access the file. Well, those of you out there working with XPages every day, proceed to the next paragraph. All others: Open the database in Domino Designer. Switch to the Java Perspective via the menu „Window\Open Perspective\Java“ and in the outline move to the „WebContent\WEB-INF“ folder.

Open the „xsp.properties“ file by double-clicking on it. Move to the „Source“ Tab. Use the following snippet to define your styles (Click on the image to get to the snippet):

XPages Tip: Work with multi value fields

In classic notes dev you can make a variety of fields multi value fields and define how values are to be separated. Imagine you have such a notes form and want to put an xpages frontend on top of it. How do you separate multi values?

Ok, it’s easy, isn’t it. Just use a Multiline Editbox control, bind that to your multi value field on the form and put a new value in every line of the box, right? This only works halfway since the contents of the field are being saved as a text string with hidden chars to get the line breaks. To separate the values you have to tell the Multivalue Editbox how to do it. Open the „All Properties“ Tab of the control and in the basic section navigate to the „multipleSeparator“ property as shown in the screenshot below. Compute a javascript value using the little blue diamond end enter „\n“ (with quotation marks). Save the XPages. Now your values get saved as multiple values.

XPages Twitter Controls on OpenNTF – Let the contest begin

I’ve been busy recently founding my own company hedersoft. There was no time left to blog or tweet a lot since administrative tasks ate it all up. Now things are getting back to normal and I’ll do my best to save some time to share my thoughts.

Anyway, hedersoft as an IBM Business Partner focusses on XPages. We will make basic applications and modules available as OpenSource and publish them on OpenNTF. Lars Buntrock started with his „Database Open Dialog“ and I uploaded „hedersoft tweet“ just yesterday. This application consists of 5 custom controls, each of which can be used seperately or together as a basic twitter application. These controls are:

  • OAuth authentication control
  • „All Friends“ stream
  • „Mentions“ stream (@Replies)
  • „Direct Messages“ stream
  • Status Update control

Wired together it looks like this:

We nominated the twitter controls for the 2. XPages Development Contest. Feel free to download the controls and play around. They are OpenSource released under Apache Licence v2.0. If you have any feature requests or defect reports then please post them on the project page on OpenNTF.