XPages Dev Contest – a big success so far!


Everybody already heard about the Xpages development contest on openNTF.org, right? Now here is a little summary of the weeks behind and a look forward to what can still be expected.

I am not quite sure what the hosts of the contest expected when they first announced the contest, but I guess the number of controls handed in so far already exceeds their expectations. OK, the number of participants compared to the number of controls is rather low, but we are only half way through the contest and the status quo should encourage more developers to participate. Here are some numbers:

No. of controls handed in so far: 18 (It’s 25 already, see Niklas‘ comment)
No. of developers: 8

See the full list of controls on xpages.info. So this is to all developers out there: The chance to win one of three iPads has never been higher! Sit back, generate some ideas and start coding custom controls. You don’t know how yet? There are a lot of sources on the web about xpages and custom controls. There’s also the brilliant „Mastering XPages“ book.

My prediction is that the contest will end with more than 40 controls submitted and about 20 contributors. Three iPads between 20 people. Wait a minute, I have to sit back for a moment. Ideas, ideas, …

Google Panda – Bye bye Content Farm

Google recently updated the search algorithm and calls that update Panda. Panda’s goal is to list quality content higher than search engine optimized content that Content Farms provide. The idea of Content Farms: Obey to all search engine rules and create content that lists high no matter what content that is. Put ads on those sites and earn a lot of money. The content is usually texts put together in India for 2 bucks a piece. It has no value for the reader and is only designed to fulfil googles search engine needs.

Now with Panda those sites will be listed way down the road. Bloggers and other people and companies who provide quality content are the winners of this change. Panda already runs on Google engines with english content. Germany will follow in no time.

The business model of Content Farms was only possible because Google created the engine as it was. So Google allowed companies to work as they did. Now with Panda most of these Content Farms will probably close business again. So what do we learn: Do not build a business which is highly depended on something you can’t influence yourself!

Sametime 8.5.2 adds Android Client

A long missing feature has been added to Sametime 8.5.2. A client for Android devices is now available! There has been an alternative client for a couple of weeks called QuipIM, but I guess everyone has been waiting for the „real“ client, right? Now finally it has arrived. The documentation has been posted on the Sametime Wiki Pages.

I will give it a try in the next couple of days with a detailed comparison to QuipIM and be back with first impressions. So stay tuned.

BTW: There are clients for other mobile platforms as well:

lotusnews.de now online!

I’ve been blogging for a while now as a few of you may have noticed. I am a Lotus enthusiast and want to share my views with the yellow world.

I run my blog in english since the yellowverse does not stop at country borders and I am interested in global developments and changes. Since english is the de facto global language this is the best way to get connected to people I might not get in contact with otherwise.

On the other hand, there is a huge Lotus community in Germany. Most of the community members do understand english, but some don’t. Furthermore I learned when I spent a year in Down Under in ’97 that there is a big difference between understanding a language and speaking a language. There is a passive vocabulary and an active vocabulary. Because of this a lot of people probably read english blogs but don’t leave any comments although they might have something to say.

Lars Buntrock and I decided to establish a german sister of my blog which we called Lotus News. This blog covers global and local topics of the yellow brand and blog posts will be all german. We started with my XPages application server discussion article from last week and would like to get the opinions of the german community.

From today on Lars and I will be online with lotusnews.de!

To all germans: Wir wollen mit diesem Blog keinen einseitigen Nachrichtendienst errichten. Wir möchten lotusnews.de als Kommunikationsplattform etablieren. Von daher die Aufforderung an alle: Geben Sie uns Feedback entweder durch Kommentare und Diskussionen auf die Beiträge oder durch Anregungen und Kritik direkt an uns!