Lotus Script: Dead or Alive?

Lotusphere 2011 is over and apart from „Get Social. Do Business“ Xpages was the main topic. IBM’s strategy is mobile and web with xpages as the underlying technology as far as Lotus Domino is concerned. You have all seen the demo (Hey, what time is it again? It’s demo time!) in the OGS showing Notes Next, right? The web browser took a huge part of the whole and Ron presented xpages mobile controls on his android device. So talking web and mobile which piece of the cake will Lotus Script get?

XPages is JavaScript, Java, CSS, XML and a portion HTML. Hey, my name is Lotus Script, may I join the game? Nope, go play bingo with the old dudes.

It‘ won’t be a quick death  since there are so many excellent applications out there relying on Script, but it will die sooner or later. There will be no efforts by IBM to keep Lotus Script up to date, no new functions, no new classes. It will simply stay as is. Use it or not, but I reckon Lotus Script developers will have to get used to Java and JavaScript as soon as possible to keep their position and be able to develop state of the art applications in the next couple of years.

What do you think? Any other opinions?