Get your apps ready for mobile devices with XPages

I provided a couple of links yesterday to XPages resources to get started with this excellent technology. Today I want to introduce a set of controls which allow to create mobile applications with XPages within hours (or even minutes): XPages Mobile Controls! Big thanks to OpenNTF, in this special case to Niklas Heidloff and Steve Castledine. Great work guys!

OK, what are XPages Mobile Controls. Niklas uploaded a presentation to Slideshare that shows the capabilities of these controls. Check it out first to get the idea:

You will find a couple of videos on the OpenNTF page for mobile controls. Here is one that provides a good overview of the capabilities of mobile controls.


So this is an awesome add-on to XPages that every developer should be aware of. I downloaded the controls and will check them out next. You will find my first steps and the results on my blog in the next couple of days. So stay tuned!