Fatal Bug in Notes/Domino 8.x?

Since lotus notes 8.x we are facing strange behaviours when updating existing applications on customer’s servers.

  1. The application has a default view. A couple of days after the update the client answers to certain actions that the database’s default view is missing and that the action will therefore be aborted.
  2. After a server-side design update users work on a semi-updated application when using their clients to open the application 0n the server, meaning that some design changes have been applied and some haven’t. The problem can be solved by removing the database from the user’s desktop and get it back on.

We saw that bevaviour on either databases with hidden design or with open design. Has anyone of you experienced similar things and can provide a solution? Is it a known bug? Is there a recipe with steps to take during an update to avoid these problems? Might it be a client or server cache problem?

Any tips and help appreciated!