Big Bang on Lotusphere 2011

Another couple of days and the yellow community will leave their homes for the biggest yellow convention in the world. The headlines this year will certainly be xpages,  project vulcan, announcements to Lotus Notes/Domino 9.x, mobile applications and support and social software. But what is going to be the BIG BANG this year?

Project vulcan wasn’t as big a bang last year as Quickr and/or Connections had been the years before, so to me, IBM are under pressure to present something bigger this year, aren’t they? So what is it this year?

Bye bye Notes Client (web and mobile technologies will be the future)?

See ya Lotus Script?

Hello Vulcan prototype?

What do you reckon? What is going to be this year’s big announcement?

PLUS: Who is going to be the special guest in OGS? My guess: Brad Pitt! Why? Don’t know, just came to me. So what’s your guess?