Following Lotusphere 2011 from the other side of the fence

You can’t go to Lotusphere 2011 (like me) but you want to keep track with what’s going on? Thank god  a lot of people on site are going to share their LS11 experience with us poor blokes (and ladies) left behind. There’s a lot of live blogging announced and twitter will definitely be the other source of information. Here is a list of people to read and follow to get the latest news from Orlando.


Ed Brill, Stuart McIntyre, Mitch Cohen, Chris Miller, John Head, Julian Robichaux, Darren Duke, Niklas Heidloff, OpenNTF, Chris Toohey, Matt White, Declan Lynch, Paul Mooney, Bilal Jaffery, Luis Suarez, Suzanne Livingston, Mikkel Heisterberg, Mary Beth Raven, Thomas Duff, Luis Benitez, Bruce Elgort, Lotusphere


Lotus Notes Domino Blog, Ed Brill, Stuart McIntyre, Mitch Cohen, Chris Miller, LotusphereLive, LotusphereBlog, Chris Toohey, Paul Mooney, Declan Lynch, Julian Robichaux, Darren Duke, John HeadOpenNTF, Bilal Jaffery, Luis Suarez, Mikkel Heisterberg, Mary Beth Raven, Thomas Duff, Luis Benitez, Bruce Elgort and PlanetLotus

Anyone missing on this list (I am sure there is)? Just give me a hint and I’ll put her/him on.

Find your way at Lotusphere 2011

Unfortunately I will be one of those poor fellas who must stay at home while others are having a great time at Lotusphere 2011. I put a list of useful links together for all you lucky ones attending this year. Here we go:

LS Blog:
LS Session App (Android):
LS Session App (iPhone and Blackberry):
LS Session Database:
Showcase Exhibitors:
LS Labs:
Swan and Dolphin Hotels:
Swan and Dolphin iPhone App:
Connect via Sametime:
LS Social Media Aggregator:
Planetlotus (of course):
Map Overview: Dolphin and Swan area map

My favourite location after sunset (unless there is a party or reception):

If you know other valuable links not listed here yet please let me know and I will add them.

Fatal Bug in Notes/Domino 8.x?

Since lotus notes 8.x we are facing strange behaviours when updating existing applications on customer’s servers.

  1. The application has a default view. A couple of days after the update the client answers to certain actions that the database’s default view is missing and that the action will therefore be aborted.
  2. After a server-side design update users work on a semi-updated application when using their clients to open the application 0n the server, meaning that some design changes have been applied and some haven’t. The problem can be solved by removing the database from the user’s desktop and get it back on.

We saw that bevaviour on either databases with hidden design or with open design. Has anyone of you experienced similar things and can provide a solution? Is it a known bug? Is there a recipe with steps to take during an update to avoid these problems? Might it be a client or server cache problem?

Any tips and help appreciated!

A Wish!

Since I recently dropped my Blackberry Bold and now operate a HTC Desire HD I moved from BB Enterprise Server to Lotus Traveler. It works well, but I really miss a Sametime client I got used to on my Bold.

So, my wish: Sametime Client for Android

I know that there are workarounds, but they are just workarounds. I rather wait for IBM to deliver a native solution. Believing rumors it won’t take long before IBM ships such a client. So let’s wait and see what’s being announced at Lotusphere 2011.

Big Bang on Lotusphere 2011

Another couple of days and the yellow community will leave their homes for the biggest yellow convention in the world. The headlines this year will certainly be xpages,  project vulcan, announcements to Lotus Notes/Domino 9.x, mobile applications and support and social software. But what is going to be the BIG BANG this year?

Project vulcan wasn’t as big a bang last year as Quickr and/or Connections had been the years before, so to me, IBM are under pressure to present something bigger this year, aren’t they? So what is it this year?

Bye bye Notes Client (web and mobile technologies will be the future)?

See ya Lotus Script?

Hello Vulcan prototype?

What do you reckon? What is going to be this year’s big announcement?

PLUS: Who is going to be the special guest in OGS? My guess: Brad Pitt! Why? Don’t know, just came to me. So what’s your guess?

Did you have a Deja vu yet?

Niklas Heidloff posted an application prototype on OpenNTF yesterday and asked if anyone might need such an application. The response was overwhelming:

Currently 861 hits on PlanetLotus in one day:

Lot’s of responses stating: „Yes please, put this app on OpenNTF, we want it“. But what is this buzz all about, what is „Deja vu“? Niklas put a little video together to explain the idea and the implementation.