Lotus Mashups – tough start

After a successfull installation of Lotus Mashups in a VM I started to play around with it today. To be honest, this start was not as easy as I expected. I understand, that basically mashups either show data from feeds or from webpages. Feeds can be accessed directly, if already provided as such, or generated from different data sources via the mashup hub.

The data sources can be relational databases, domino databases, ldap directories, excel tables, other xml sources and so on. Mashup hub automatically transforms the data from these sources to feeds and these feeds can be used in Lotus Mashups to show, connect and interact.

With that basic understanding I tried to connect to my data sources. Excel works just fine, but when it comes to domino databases or ldap (which is a domino server as well in my case) struggling starts. It says that the domino server must run the diiop task, so I started it.  I am capable of accessing the diiop_ior.txt file via http, but as soon as I try to connect using mashup hub I get an error. Same for ldap access. I try to figure this out and come back with my results.

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