Lotus Notes 8.5 beta 2 shipped today

Lotus released the second beta of Lotus Notes 8.5 today. You can download it here.

Prerequisite: „This site allows all users to sign in with IBM IDs and passwords, which can be used site-wide. You will need an IBM ID to continue. (If you have a PartnerWorld® or developerWorks™ user ID, that is considered your IBM ID).“

Java EE Server survey

I have to do a Java EE Server survey as a decision making document. Reason is that my company recently developed a Web 2.0 application using jboss and glassfish. Now, since my company is an IBM Premium Businesss Partner there’s no chance to not take WAS into account.

I have to take the long road through the server jungle now to find the appropriate ones to use and to support as a platform for our application. Any suggestions out there?

Anyway, I’ll let you know about my results in the next couple of days. Maybe there are some out there having the same task.